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Undercover journalist sold as a slave – Part 3

Undercover journalist sold as a slave. The New Vision journalist was contacted by traffickers who engaged in smuggling individuals to the Middle East under false promises of high-paying jobs. They were lured into going to Dubai with the assurance of a lucrative employment opportunity. However, upon arrival, the journalist found herself confined in a holding cell by an agent. The story now unfolds as hope turns into despair.

The journalist embarked on the risky journey of being trafficked to Dubai. She did so with the consent and safety assurances of her superiors at New Vision. She anticipated their employers would be awaiting their arrival at the airport. But instead encountered a dreadlocked man who gathers them together and seizes their passports. He then transports them to an apartment in town where a woman named Sara resides.

In this place, they are effectively “imprisoned” within a cramped room by Sara, who asserts that they now belong to her. She presents them with two choices for securing their freedom: either repay her the 4,000 dirhams she spent on their tickets and visas or wait to be sold into labor so she can recover her investment.

Since none of them have the necessary funds, they brace themselves for the worst possible outcome: enslavement or involvement in the sex trade.

As the harsh reality sinks in, they cry out, curse, and pray until Sara, the agent, bursts into their confined space and scolds them for what she considers to be a foolish spectacle.

“Shut up! You all belong to me! I dictate your actions and decisions,” she asserts.

Undercover journalist sold as a slave – Part 3

The girls explode with anger and almost resort to physical violence against her. They all speak at once, bombarding her with a flurry of questions, making it impossible for her to discern and respond to each one. In response, she gestures for them to quiet down and regain their composure. Her tough demeanor gradually softens as she adopts a more conciliatory tone.

Sara explains that she can secure employment for all of them as domestic workers, assuring them it will not involve engaging in the sex trade. According to her proposal, they would each receive a monthly payment. After working for five months, they would repay her and regain possession of their passports.

This proposition elicits a vehement reaction from the girls. “It is unjust to toil for five months without receiving any wages,” they protest. Sara offers them her phone, urging them to contact their families and request money for their release. Some girls reach out to their loved ones, explaining the dire situation they are in, while others call the individuals who facilitated their connection and accuse them of defrauding them. A few make contact with someone familiar with Dubai who might be able to provide assistance.

Sara adamantly refuses to disclose the location of her residence. Her sole concern is retrieving the money owed to her. The journalist contemplates contacting New Vision for assistance but fears jeopardizing her cover. Read the full story here:

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