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The Aftermath of the Ukraine – Russia War

The Aftermath of the Ukraine – Russia War. In the aftermath of the war, Putin’s operation in Ukraine continues to have distressing consequences for Ukrainian women and girls. Unfortunately, this ongoing situation has resulted in the displacement and victimization of numerous refugees. Whether Ukrainians who chose to stay or return to their homeland, or those who attempt to cross the border, they all face the persistent risk of falling prey to various forms of exploitation.

Tragically, the dangers include human trafficking for purposes such as prostitution and pornography, forced labor, involvement in criminal activities, illegal adoption, and even surrogacy. The Russian invasion has further exposed the pre-existing concerns surrounding human trafficking not only within Ukraine but also throughout Europe. Migrants attempting to cross international borders also face an elevated risk of falling into the hands of human traffickers.

It was in August 2022 when an article in the Daily Mail shed light on the warnings issued by defense experts regarding the vulnerability of Ukrainian women and children. These individuals were likely being trafficked into sex slavery and domestic servitude in the United Arab Emirates. Regrettably, we now see that those warnings were indeed accurate and reflective of a harsh reality.

It is heartbrokening to witness the continued suffering experienced by the Ukrainian people in the aftermath of the war. Their safety and well-being deserve utmost attention and efforts to address these grave issues.

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