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Tell your story

Dear Survivors and Brave Souls,
Your stories have the power to shatter the darkness, ignite empathy, and inspire change. We invite you to join us in a movement that aims to expose the harrowing realities of sex trafficking. 
It is time to reclaim your voice, liberate your spirit, and not be erased from public consciousness. 
Your story matters. It has the potential to touch countless lives, offering solace and hope to those who have endured similar horrors. By sharing your triumphs, struggles, you provide a lifeline of inspiration to others, empowering them to rise above their own adversities.
Through this platform, we offer a safe space—a sanctuary where you can express your truth without fear of judgment or shame. Our supportive community is here to listen, embrace, and validate your experiences, providing a virtual shoulder to lean on and a network of understanding souls.
By joining hands, by speaking out, and by standing united, we can amplify our voices and spark a collective movement for change. 
Your story is powerful. Your voice is mighty.Together, let us heal, transform, and build a future where no one is forced to suffer in the shadows.

    Your stories

    "We stayed in the owner's room for a month since he was overseas. My mother took our passports claiming that she needs them to enroll us in collage. However, my mother asked us to work in the massage center until we get admission in the collage. When we refused, she let other men beat us…
    “I had to borrow the money from someone…I got my passport without any problems or police verification within 21 days... We lost our dignity after going to Dubai. Even then, if we had food three times a day and got paid at the end of the month, we would still live there just for the…
    23-year-old woman from Nigeria
    She walked into a police station in the Khalidiya area of Abu Dhabi, an officer told her, “Go to where you came from. She pleaded: “Put me in prison!” But “they turned their back to me. I was crying, but they paid no attention. They said: ‘To Hell with Africa.’”  In ICIJ
    Young woman from Ghana
    “A few days ago, my eyes were swollen after being hit in the face and slapped when I failed to meet the target. It’s my boss who did this to me. Where do I go? What do I do?” In ICIJ
    Nigerian woman
    “Every time we don’t bring money, they would beat us, put pepper in our vagina, pepper in our eyes… Many of us had wounds, but we weren’t taken to hospitals because they don’t want people to know what they were doing to us.” In ICIJ
    25 -year old Nigerian woman
    “I didn’t ask any questions because she told me she is trying to help young women and I thought, ‘She is a kind person.’” In ICIJ