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Undercover as a slave Part 2: Journalist in the dark of Dubai

Undercover as a slave Part 2: Journalist in the dark of Dubai. A journalist from the New Vision newspaper has been investigating human trafficking. She managed to establish contact with traffickers involved in smuggling people to work in the Middle East. These traffickers offered her high-paying jobs and arranged for her to be smuggled through Entebbe Airport on her way to Dubai. The journalist wonders if Dubai will truly be the Promised Land for those seeking better opportunities.

Despite the stringent airport security measures, the journalist found a way to beat the system. She obtained a fake visa and traveled without the necessary documents for the journey. She payed a sum of Sh500,000 in the process. On January 22, she successfully passed through immigration at Entebbe Airport. She assumed a false identity as a housemaid being trafficked to Dubai.

Undercover as a slave Part 2: Journalist in the dark of Dubai

However, as she reflects on her accomplishment, she becomes apprehensive about the possibility of other airports being less corrupt and stricter in their enforcement. She realized the potential consequences of not having the required medical certificates and a yellow fever vaccination card. The thought of being stopped or arrested at Dubai airport filled her with anxiety.

In her desperate attempt to address this concern, she contacts Tadeo, the person who assisted her at Entebbe Airport. She asks him about the missing forms, but he denies having them and abruptly ends the conversation, making it clear that he wants no further involvement. A similar response is received when she tries to reach out to Nusura, who hangs up without uttering a word. Furthermore, she discovers that Monica has blocked her on Facebook and WhatsApp when she tries to contact her.

The journalist is left feeling isolated and concerned about the uncertain situation she finds herself in. With the prospect of arriving in Dubai without the necessary documents to prove her legitimacy.

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