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Thailand ranks third in the Asia Pacific region

Thailand ranks third in the Asia Pacific region. The Global Slavery Index of 2023 estimates that 401,000 people lived in modern slavery in Thailand in 2021, placing it 14th out of 27 countries in the Asia Pacific region.

Predominantly driven by low acceptance of migrants, systemic discrimination against migrant workers contributes to vulnerability. The prevalence of modern slavery stands at 5.7 individuals per thousand, with Thailand identified as the 79th country out of 160 globally.

Forced labor risks are rampant in sectors such as agriculture, fishing, construction, manufacturing, and domestic work. Migrant workers, often from neighboring Southeast Asian countries, face exploitation, especially in the fishing industry.

Thailand ranks third in the Asia Pacific region

Recruitment fees trap migrant workers in debt bondage, while deceptive promises lure Thai women into forced commercial sexual exploitation abroad, in countries like the UAE.

Forced marriage, particularly child marriage, is documented, with rates higher in rural areas and exploitative practices reported, such as Hmong girls working extensively for their husbands’ families. The complexity of modern slavery in Thailand necessitates comprehensive efforts to address vulnerabilities and combat exploitation across various sectors.

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