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Modern Slavery in Nigeria

Modern Slavery in Nigeria. Nigeria ranks fifth in Africa for modern slavery prevalence, with 1.6 million individuals affected, equating to 7.8 per thousand people.

Forced labor cases, particularly in the informal sector, impact both genders, with males exploited in various sectors and females predominantly affected by domestic servitude. Forced commercial sexual exploitation and forced marriages, especially child marriages, are prevalent issues, with Nigerian women facing exploitation both domestically and internationally.

Modern Slavery in Nigeria

Nigerian women face internal trafficking, often from rural to urban areas, primarily for sexual exploitation or inclusion in ‘baby factories.’ These illicit operations involve forcibly impregnating women in venues like orphanages, maternity homes, or religious centers. The victims are made to deliver children, subsequently sold to families seeking adoption or other traffickers for labor or sexual exploitation. Pregnant women and girls in poverty are specifically targeted, with traffickers selling babies to couples or intermediaries. Unfortunately, there is limited data on the sexual exploitation of Nigerian men.

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