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A Victim’s Story of Human Trafficking from Nigeria to Dubai

A Victim’s Story of Human Trafficking from Nigeria to Dubai. In a revealing interview, a survivor named *Lucy shares her experience of being trafficked from Nigeria to Dubai for sexual exploitation. The interview, offers a firsthand account of the trafficking journey, shedding light on the manipulation and abuse faced by vulnerable individuals.

Sold false promises of employment, she and two others left for Dubai in May 2019, unaware of the dark reality that awaited them.

Upon arrival, Lucy realized the true nature of the trip when her host, revealed that they were there for sex work. Despite objections, Lucy found herself coerced into the trade, her passport and freedom confiscated. She narrates a distressing incident at a club where she lost her virginity under duress.

A Victim’s Story of Human Trafficking from Nigeria to Dubai

The survivor’s account exposes the physical and mental toll of human trafficking, describing beatings, coercion, and the constant fear instilled by her trafficker. Lucy’s experience reflects the broader issue of human trafficking from Africa to the UAE.

The interview touches on Lucy’s return to Nigeria in July 2020 and her struggles with the traumatic aftermath. Lucy, haunted by flashbacks and nightmares, reveals her reluctance to seek professional help, expressing a lack of trust in therapists.

Throughout the interview, Lucy’s fear of potential stigmatization is evident, especially concerning relationships. Despite the emotional toll, she emphasizes the need for survivors to confront their pain to move forward.

Her story serves as a call to action, urging society to address the complex issue of human trafficking and provide support for survivors like Lucy.

Listen to Lucy’s story here:

*The victim’s name has been changed for her own protection.

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