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2022 Trafficking in Persons Report: United Arab Emirates

2022 Trafficking in Persons Report: United Arab Emirates. The 2022 Trafficking in Persons Report from the US Department of State shows that the situation surrounding the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and its efforts to address human trafficking is deeply concerning. It is disheartening to note that the UAE government has not met the necessary standards to eliminate this heinous crime. What is even more distressing is the lack of transparency regarding investigations into suspected trafficking cases over a period of ten years. This lack of information leaves us and many other organizations with unanswered questions.

Furthermore, there has been a noticeable lack of progress in implementing additional measures to protect the victims. Equally concerning is the failure to prevent and to consistently identify individuals who are vulnerable and at risk of falling victim to trafficking. This oversight has had devastating consequences, as some victims have faced unjust punishment for engaging in illegal activities that were forced upon them by their traffickers. It is truly regrettable to see innocent individuals suffer due to circumstances that are beyond their control.

2022 Trafficking in Persons Report: United Arab Emirates

It is disheartening to learn from observers that the UAE continues to serve as a central hub for trafficking activities. Recruiters exploit vulnerable migrants by selling them into a life of misery. This exploitation not only perpetuates the suffering of those directly affected but also contributes to the perpetuation of a cycle of abuse and exploitation.

These accounts also reveal cases of child sex trafficking, where traffickers manipulate passports to falsify ages, enabling them to bring victims undetected into the UAE. Furthermore, the involvement of individual agents rather than regulated companies in source countries creates further complexities, making it challenging for law enforcement agencies to combat and monitor.

It is with great empathy and concern that we acknowledge these distressing circumstances, urging the UAE government and the international community to take immediate and decisive action to eradicate human trafficking, protect the vulnerable, and bring justice to those who have suffered immensely.

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