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Lost Life: Surviving Human Trafficking from Nigeria to Dubai

Lost Life: Surviving Human Trafficking from Nigeria to Dubai. *Martha shared her story of human trafficking from Africa to Dubai for sexual exploitation.

*Martha, aged 21, narrated how she was lured by a woman in Nigeria with promises of a well-paying job in Dubai. The trafficker claimed *Martha could replace a Nigerian lady working for an Emirati man. However, upon arrival in Dubai, the grim reality unfolded.

The woman confiscated *Martha’s passport and coerced her into sex work, threatening her with violence if she resisted. The young survivor described being sent to various locations, meeting individuals of different nationalities, and enduring physical and emotional abuse.
The survivor revealed that she spent over a year trapped in this nightmarish situation. Desperation led her to swear an oath that she would not escape until she paid off a debt she believed was owed to the trafficker.

Lost Life: Surviving Human Trafficking from Nigeria to Dubai

Eventually, *Martha managed to escape and sought refuge in a deportation camp, where she faced further challenges and skepticism from authorities about her story. The interview underscored the systemic disbelief and mistreatment faced by Nigerian victims of trafficking in Dubai.

*Martha bravely disclosed her traumatic journey, to serve as a reminder of the urgent need to address the root causes of human trafficking and protect vulnerable individuals from exploitation.

Listen to *Martha’s story here.

*The victim’s name has been changed for her own protection.

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