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How the War in Ukraine made the trafficking of women worse

How the War in Ukraine made the trafficking of women worse. In a compelling conversation, Mimi Chakarova, the filmmaker renowned for her groundbreaking documentary “The Price of Sex”, joins One Decision’s Julia Macfarlane to delve into the evolution of the fight against human trafficking and slavery.

Chakarova’s seminal film brought into focus the harrowing experiences of vulnerable women from Eastern Europe, ensnared in a life of exploitation by deceit and manipulation. From Turkey to the Middle East and across Western Europe, her documentary traced the stories of women who managed to break free from their captors. While also uncovering the intricate web of criminals, including even law enforcement personnel, who sustained this exploitative underworld.

And their stories are now repeating themselves.

Drawing parallels to the present, Chakarova cautions about the current predicament as waves of refugees stream into Europe from Ukraine. She highlights the haunting resemblance between the perilous circumstances faced by these war-displaced individuals and the plight of the women who once sought a better life beyond the Iron Curtain. Additionally, Sir Richard Dearlove provides essential context regarding the political trajectory of Eastern European nations since the collapse of the Soviet Union. He explains why certain states remain particularly susceptible to the grip of corruption and organized crime.

Listen to the podcast here.

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