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Two Filipinas rescued from traffickers

Two Filipinas rescued from traffickers after the women learned about a job opportunity in Dubai solely through “recruiters” they had met on Facebook, a revelation that underscores the dangers of online platforms.

Their hopes of boarding a flight to Dubai were shattered when immigration officials detected counterfeit stamps on their passports. The Philippine government shared this distressing news on Saturday, highlighting the unfortunate situation these women found themselves in.

Initially, they appeared as tourists. The women eventually confessed that their true purpose of travel was to work as household service workers. The state-run news agency reported on their circumstances, shedding light on their vulnerability.

Two Filipinas rescued from traffickers

The victims were directed to wait for escorts, but when they got there, nobody arrived and they could no longer contact those who handed them their passports,” the Bureau of Immigration (BI) chief said in a statement.

Dubai has gained, over the years, recognition as a focal point for trafficking of women. These vulnerable individuals are coerced into debt. They are enduring unimaginable suffering as they are trapped in a horrifying cycle of threats, violence, and sexual slavery.

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