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Global operation identifies 1426 potential victims of human trafficking

Global operation identifies 1426 potential victims of human trafficking. A significant collaborative endeavor targeting human trafficking has resulted in the apprehension of 212 individuals and the identification of 1,426 possible victims subjected to sexual exploitation, coerced begging, and forced criminal activities across 44 nations.

Named Operation Global Chain, which took place from May 8 to 15, 2023. This initiative was spearheaded by Austria and Romania and overseen by INTERPOL, Europol, and Frontex. It had a dual focal point. Firstly, uncovering and disrupting criminal networks engaged in victim exploitation from regions such as South America, Asia, Africa, the Western Balkans, and Ukraine. Secondly, the operation aimed not just to detect. But also to safeguard and guide both confirmed and potential victims towards support services.

Global operation identifies 1426 potential victims of human trafficking

Effective coordination proved paramount to the mission’s triumph. The collective effort, encompassing EMPACT Joint Action Days against human trafficking, brought together a diverse array of law enforcement entities, including police forces, immigration, and border control agencies, transportation police, as well as social and child protection services.

In an unparalleled demonstration of cooperation, INTERPOL, Europol, and Frontex collaborated to combat human traffickers operating globally. Officials were stationed at approximately 4,000 border crossings and major transportation hubs, diligently identifying potential victims and suspects. Moreover, countries tailored their operational strategies to address the prevailing forms of trafficking within their respective regions.

In 2022 an estimated 25 million people were victimized worldwide, with 80% in forced labor and 20% in trafficking for adult entertainment purposes according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Read the full report here.

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