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Send Them Home – Stop Human Trafficking

Send Them Home – Stop Human Trafficking. A new exhibition, titled ‘Send Them Home – Stop Human Trafficking,’ is set to open in London on November 17, shedding light on the trafficking of African women to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for sexual exploitation. Organized by Send Them Home, a campaign group aiding the repatriation of trafficked women, and Hope Education Project, the exhibition offers an immersive experience into the dark world of human trafficking. The showcased women are among thousands who, enticed by false promises of lucrative jobs, end up in Dubai from countries like Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya, only to be coerced into forced sex work.

The victims often have their passports confiscated, being informed that regaining them and their freedom requires substantial payments through sex work. The exhibition aims to raise awareness by providing visitors with real testimonies from survivors and activists globally. Angus Thomas, the founder of Send Them Home and Hope Education Project, emphasizes the need to expose human trafficking, expressing hope that knowledge gained from survivors’ experiences will contribute to eradicating this issue.

Send Them Home collaborates with the Nigerian National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) to repatriate women trafficked to the UAE.

The exhibition, located at 59 Greek Street in Soho, London, runs from November 17 to December 20, offering free admission to the public daily from 11 am to 9 pm.

This initiative seeks to address the systemic problem of human trafficking and calls for a collective effort to eliminate it.

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