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Silent Suffering

Silent Suffering: Human Trafficking Testimonies in the UAE. Beneath the UAE’s glittering facade lies a harrowing reality: human trafficking thrives in the shadows of prosperity. Survivors’ voices illuminate a stark truth: the authorities’ inaction and society’s apathy perpetuate this crisis. Their stories demand urgent change to end the suffering and exploitation these women endure.

Dreams Turned Nightmare

Survivor testimonies expose a cruel irony: the pursuit of prosperity led them to exploitation. One survivor shared, “I had to borrow the money from someone… I got my passport without any problems or police verification within 21 days. We lost our dignity after going to Dubai. Even then, if we had food three times a day and got paid at the end of the month, we would still live there just for the sake of our families.”

Seeking help often leads to indifference from authorities. A survivor seeking help walked into a police station in Abu Dhabi. She was met with callousness. An officer’s words, “Go to where you came from… to Hell with Africa,” cut through her desperation, leaving her to plead, “Put me in prison!”

Survivors reveal a cycle of brutality that entraps them. The survivors’ testimonies reveal a shocking cycle of brutality that keeps them trapped in their nightmares. “A few days ago, my eyes were swollen after being hit in the face and slapped when I failed to meet the target. It’s my boss who did this to me. Where do I go? What do I do?”

Apathy of Society

While survivors share horrific experiences, society’s response remains muted. In pursuit of material success, their pleas fade against the city’s dazzle. Threats, starvation, and dehumanization are their cries’ responses.

Survivors’ voices demand a transformation. Society must discard indifference and confront their suffering. Authorities inaction and society’s apathy fuel this crisis.

Human trafficking is a grave crime against humanity. Survivors’ testimonies highlight its urgency. Society must awaken; NGOs, activists, and citizens must stand together, shedding light on their stories and exposing this dark underbelly.

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