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Governments failing to properly tackle modern slavery, says Theresa May

Governments failing to properly tackle modern slavery, says Theresa May. Princess Eugenie took center stage at Davos, hosting a panel discussion on modern slavery, where she was joined by an unexpected participant—former UK Prime Minister Theresa May. The event, aimed at addressing the role of business and government in combatting modern slavery and human trafficking, featured Eugenie, co-founder of The Anti-Slavery Collective, alongside May, co-founder Julia de Boinville, and John Schultz from Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

The discussion emphasized the need to prioritize modern slavery at the highest levels of corporate boards, executive leadership, and government. Eugenie underscored the relentless nature of human trafficking, stating, “Guns and drugs can be only trafficked once but human beings are trafficked again and again and again. For them, it happens every day and minute.” May, leading the Global Commission on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking, highlighted the global failure to effectively address the growing issue, emphasizing the urgent need for comprehensive action.

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