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Aiken Tech holds panel to discuss human trafficking

Aiken Tech holds panel to discuss human trafficking. During Human Trafficking Awareness Month, Aiken Technical College hosted a panel discussion to educate the community and raise awareness about this pressing issue.

Panelists shared insights into how their agencies handle human trafficking cases, emphasizing that some cases are reported through calls, while others arise during routine traffic stops.

Aiken Tech holds panel to discuss human trafficking

The discussion highlighted the prevalence of sex and labor trafficking involving juveniles. Shockingly, Aiken ranks third in South Carolina for the number of reported human trafficking cases, according to a 2023 annual report from the office of South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson.

In 2023 alone, Aiken reported 24 cases, while neighboring counties reported one each. Additionally, Aiken ranked fourth in the number of incidents reported to the National Human Trafficking Hotline, with a total of four cases.

The panel discussion served as a crucial initiative to shed light on the local impact of human trafficking and underscore the need for community awareness and proactive measures to combat this grave problem.

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