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European Parliament Approves Enhanced Anti-Human Trafficking Measures

European Parliament Approves Enhanced Anti-Human Trafficking Measures. The European Parliament has given its final approval to revised rules aimed at preventing and combating human trafficking while bolstering support for its victims. In April, the MEPs overwhelmingly adopted the new law, with 563 votes in favor, 7 against, and 17 abstentions. This legislation broadens the EU’s scope of action against human trafficking, extending beyond labor and sexual exploitation to include criminalizing forced marriage, illegal adoption, and surrogacy exploitation at the EU level.

The new law introduces several key measures to enhance the EU’s response to human trafficking:

Enhanced Coordination: Improved cooperation between anti-trafficking and asylum authorities ensures that victims who need international protection receive appropriate support, respecting their right to asylum.

Criminalizing User Complicity: It criminalizes the use of services provided by trafficking victims when the user is aware of the exploitation, aiming to reduce demand.

Corporate Penalties: Companies convicted of trafficking will face penalties, such as exclusion from tendering processes and denial of public aid or subsidies.

European Parliament Approves Enhanced Anti-Human Trafficking Measures

Protection for Victims: Prosecutors can choose not to prosecute victims coerced into criminal acts. Victims will receive support regardless of their cooperation with investigations.

Victim Support Services: Special focus on vulnerable groups ensures access to shelters and safe accommodation for all victims.

Support for Persons with Disabilities and Unaccompanied Children: Guarantees include appointing guardians or representatives for unaccompanied children.

Aggravating Circumstances: Judges can consider the non-consensual spread of sexual images or videos as an aggravating factor during sentencing.

This comprehensive approach reflects the EU’s commitment to intensifying efforts against human trafficking and offering robust protection and support to victims, addressing the multifaceted nature of this crime.

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