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A Survivor Reveals The Myths of Human Trafficking

A Survivor Reveals The Myths of Human Trafficking. Human sex trafficking is not just a crime in Third World countries; it is a pervasive issue hidden in plain sight within communities across the United States. Contrary to common misconceptions, this heinous crime can happen anywhere and to anyone. One survivor, Kim Belew, is speaking out to reveal the myths surrounding sex trafficking.

A Survivor Reveals The Myths of Human Trafficking

Kim Belew’s story is a stark reminder that the stereotypical image of trafficking victims as poor, abused, lonely teenagers is misleading. “I was in a very strict religious family, my stepdad was an elder in our church, and also sold liquor for a living. He is who trafficked me, and he passed me off to men in the back rooms of liquor stores and bars,” explained Belew.

Her abuse began at the age of eleven. “There were hundreds of men involved, and I was taken to have two abortions. My stepdad would say this is just a normal dad-daughter thing. I didn’t know I was trafficked until seven years ago. That’s how strong the myths around human trafficking are,” Belew shared.

Kim’s mission now is to dispel these myths

Trafficking does not only happen to kidnapped children; many victims are trafficked by family members or spouses. It can happen to any child from any background and in any community. Kim works to help medical professionals identify and assist victims, emphasizing that many victims do not disclose their situation while it is happening.

Although her stepfather and mother passed away in a car accident and did not face charges, Kim continues to battle trauma and PTSD. However, she has gained control over her emotions through therapy.

If you need help or know someone who does, contact the US National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888. Kim Belew’s story is a powerful testament to the hidden realities of human trafficking and the importance of awareness and support.

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