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The Global Hub for Sex Trafficking

The Global Hub for Sex Trafficking. Revelations in the past few have shed light on Dubai, exposing it as a global hub for sex trafficking. While the world may have been unaware of the extent of this issue, the reality is grim, with countless victims ensnared in forced prostitution and sexual enslavement.

Most commonly, human trafficking in Dubai takes the form of forced prostitution or sexual enslavement. State authorities often conflate sex trafficking with prostitution, perpetuating misconceptions and hindering effective interventions. Many young, impoverished women are lured into the sex industry under false pretenses, promised lucrative jobs or educational opportunities, only to have their passports and documentation confiscated upon arrival in the destination country.

The Global Hub for Sex Trafficking

Trapped in a web of exploitation, these women find themselves in slave-like situations, controlled by traffickers through physical and psychological means. The strict illegality of prostitution in the Middle East, coupled with the religious prohibition of extramarital sex, creates a fertile ground for the clandestine sex trade to thrive. This legal framework not only fails to address the root causes of trafficking but also exacerbates the demand for prostitution, further fueling the cycle of exploitation.

The lack of legislative action by states to control prostitution and trafficking only serves to perpetuate this vicious cycle. Without robust laws and enforcement mechanisms in place, traffickers operate with impunity, preying on the most vulnerable members of society and profiting from their suffering.

Many international organizations have tried time and time again to shed light on violation of human rights in the UAE, only to be stonewalled. The problem doesn’t go away when you close your eyes, it only festers more.

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