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Thai woman trapped in Dubai seeking 100k ransom

Thai woman trapped in Dubai seeking $100,000 ransom; desperate parents plead for help. In Udon Thani province, a 59-year-old Thai mother, Pranuan, is desperately seeking help for her 38-year-old daughter, Kornkamon, who is currently trapped in Dubai. Kornkamon, who had gone to Dubai to work as a massage therapist in mid-April to alleviate her financial troubles and repay her debts, is now facing a dire situation.

Having made initial efforts to repay her debts, Kornkamon’s circumstances took a grim turn when her captors demanded an additional ransom of 100,000 baht. Overwhelmed and feeling trapped, she reached out to her foreign friend, Robert, two weeks ago, seeking assistance in escaping from Dubai, as she was being held against her will.

Thai woman trapped in Dubai seeking $100,000 ransom, desperate parents plead for help

Despite being close to settling her debts, Kornkamon’s captors refused to release her until the full amount was paid. Refusing to continue working under these conditions, she was subsequently imprisoned alongside several other women. In response to Robert’s advice, Pranuan has now reported the situation to the police and is appealing for official assistance to secure her daughter’s freedom.

Unfortunately, multiple allegations have surfaced of Thais being trafficked in Dubai.

It was reported in December of last year that a Thai guy was enticed to Dubai with the promise of a job as a massage therapist. The Chinese manager confiscated his passport when he arrived to the massage parlor in Dubai in November 2021. The victim was then compelled to sell sex in order to pay off a debt of more than 70,000 baht he was informed he owed for his travel expenses. He was able to seek assistance from Dubai police after being transferred to a second massage parlor. The victim was subsequently able to flee to Thailand, where he reported the incident to authorities.

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