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Nightmares in Dubai, the story of *Jasmin

*Jasmin was looking for a way to provide a better future for her family, having a sick mother, when a woman took advantage of her and convinced her to come to the UAE as a nanny.

*Jasmin’s account is a reminder of the vulnerabilities that many individuals face when they pursue opportunities in the UAE.

Her story sheds light on the deception and exploitation that often, migrant women encounter, often driven by a mix of desperation and the desire to support their families. She was promised a job as a nanny in Dubai, only to discover upon arrival that it was a deceitful scheme leading her into prostitution.

The traumatic events she underwent, including coercion and exploitation, resulted in immense mental and emotional distress.

*Jasmin’s story is not an isolated case, highlighting the lack measures to protect individuals from human trafficking and exploitation in the UAE.

Ultimately, her story serves as a testimony, reminding us of the darker realities faced by many seeking a better life for themselves.

Listen to the full interview here:

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