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Alarming Surge in Human Trafficking Reports in Australia

Alarming Surge in Human Trafficking Reports in Australia. Australia is grappling with an alarming increase in human trafficking reports, with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) receiving 340 complaints of offenses, including forced marriage and sexual servitude, during the 2022/23 financial year. This represents a significant uptick from the previous year, signaling both an increase in awareness and the prevalence of these heinous crimes.

Look-a-Little-Deeper Campaign

The surge in reported cases coincides with the completion of the national rollout of the Look-a-Little-Deeper campaign by the AFP. This initiative aims to empower law enforcement officials to recognize indicators of human trafficking and slavery, addressing the often-hidden nature of these crimes. Over 3,000 participants from various police agencies and government departments have engaged in 137 presentations under the program, highlighting the commitment to tackling this pervasive issue.

Alarming Surge in Human Trafficking Reports in Australia – Disturbing Statistics

The data for the 2022/23 financial year reveals a distressing breakdown of the reported offenses:

– 90 reports of forced marriage

– 90 reports of trafficking (including entry, exit, and child trafficking)

– 73 reports of sexual exploitation

– 43 reports of forced labor

– 18 reports of debt bondage

– 16 reports of domestic servitude

– 6 reports of deceptive recruitment

– 4 reports of slavery

As the nation confronts this disturbing trend, there is hope that increased awareness and reporting will contribute to dismantling trafficking networks and fostering a society where exploitation has no place.

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