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2023 Trafficking in Persons Report: Brazil

2023 Trafficking in Persons Report: Brazil. The extended duration of over 10 years for trafficking convictions fosters a culture of impunity, undermining the justice system. Labor traffickers often face administrative penalties rather than imprisonment due to insufficient evidence collection, failing to serve as a deterrent and denying justice to victims.

The struggle against sex trafficking, particularly among vulnerable populations like children and LGBTQI+ individuals, remains a significant challenge. The government’s limited efforts in this regard, coupled with officials’ misunderstanding of trafficking crimes, hinder the identification of victims and the accountability of traffickers.

2023 Trafficking in Persons Report: Brazil

Inconsistent victim protection mechanisms, notably shelter services, pose further challenges, varying widely across different states. Brazil must address these deficiencies to achieve the minimum standards for eradicating trafficking and ensuring a more robust, effective response to this grave human rights violation.

Read the full report here.

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