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“I left Moldova when I was 19 years old. We needed a lot of money, after my parents and sister arrived at the hospital. We were asked for a large amount of money for my sister’s back surgery. That’s how I made the decision to go abroad.

Initially they told us that we were going to Italy to clean, but they took us to Turkey and later to Dubai. We were several girls and they promised us that in Dubai we would work at a hotel. When we got there, suddenly they took our passports and that’s how I ended up being a prostitute…I told myself that I would be strong to help my family. We had to dress nicely so that we would attract men. I ended up having 9 and 11 customers a night. When I had my period, I had two days off and the other days I worked. I could make 10,000 or 15,000 euros per night. All the money that the customers gave me, I would give to the manager, and she would give it to me once a week to send home.”

In Dorin Galben Interview

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